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We are working 24/7 to bring you different luxurious and exotic tour plans with your family or friends. We always aim to ensure that you enjoy your vacations in the best way possible. So, we always book the best tour plans available for you at very affordable prices. If you have any suggestions regarding our services, then feel free to contact us or drop by your suggestion via email. We highly appreciate your suggestions, and try to bring up the same services level just as you have expected.

Satisfied Customers

We have the highest rate of satisfied customers who have used our services and are satisfied with them.

Tour Suggestions

We also provide different tour plans with our expert suggestions to choose your family or friends’ best plan.

Travel Insurance Single Person

We provide travel insurance for individuals as well so that you can enjoy a safe journey ahead.

Inflight Dinner/Lunch Deal

With our tour plans, you can enjoy on-flight exotic meals to enjoy the journey in the best way.

Luxury Apartment for Family

We offer luxurious apartments for the family to stay in during your vacations.

Cargo & Money Transfer

It does not matter that you are away from your loved ones when you can send a parcel or money to them as a sign of your care and love for them. We offer our services in almost every region around the world.

Send Money to your Loved Ones

With Kingdom Express now, you can send money anywhere worldwide with the best exchange rates available. We deal in different currencies, including digital ones as well.

Send Parcel to your Family

Are you living in a different country than your family, then there is nothing to worry about? With Kingdom Express, you can let your family know that you still care for them even though you are far.